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Global Excel is a worldwide premium medical cost containment company, providing services to a broad range of market segments. Our partners trust our expertise in controlling healthcare costs for the management of their claims dollars as well as our ability to provide a superior member experience.
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About Us

Global Excel at a Glance

Global Excel is a full-service cost containment, claims management and medical assistance company offering a complete range of services to international, Canadian and U.S. domestic clients.
With over 360 corporate clients located in more than 90 countries around the world, Global Excel manages approximately 360,000 inpatient, outpatient and non-medical cases and files per year and processes in excess of $1.9 billion in claims annually.

Today, Global Excel is one of the largest independent assistance and cost containment companies specializing in the U.S. market. This independence applies to the ‘ownership’ side of the company – Global Excel remains privately held and all shares reside with the Allatt family – as well as to the provider/supplier side. The company has never signed ‘exclusive’ arrangements with any national, regional or local PPOs in the U.S., nor has it associated itself exclusively with any of the large HMOs in the U.S. or any specific suppliers. Instead, the company opts to work with those that will do the best job from a cost/quality perspective. This independence ensures that Global Excel can always make decisions that are in the best interests of its clients, rather than in the best interests of another (third) party. It also allows Global Excel to respect its clients’ wishes when it comes to preferred providers.

It is no secret that clients will remain loyal if they find a partner who can continue to provide them with true, bottom-line value. It is for this reason that Global Excel strives to continuously offer its clients industry-leading performance and flexible, quality-oriented solutions that are customized to fit their needs.  Global Excel is committed to working closely with its partners every day, and is proud to have a client retention rate in excess of 99% over the past ten years.

Our History

Until 2011, Global Excel operated as a fully owned subsidiary of etfs (Expert Travel Financial Security Inc.). etfs was one of Canada’s leading providers of specialized health and travel insurance products and services.
The company was founded in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1984 and, at the outset, served the group and student insurance markets. Sweeping changes to the Canadian health care system in 1992 radically changed government insurance coverage for out-of-country travellers. These changes created an opportunity for etfs to enter the individual travel insurance industry.

In 1996, the company established a subsidiary: Global Excel Management Inc. (Global Excel). Initially, Global Excel provided assistance, cost containment, case management and claims adjudication services for etfs policyholders. Over the years, the number of clients served by Global Excel has multiplied and the services offered have been expanded.

In 2011, etfs was sold to Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) Canada. RSA continues to offer numerous group and individual products geared toward the travel and specialized health insurance industry. Global Excel is now a completely independent entity, although the company maintains a key client relationship with RSA.

Our Focus

In today’s competitive market, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, flexibility and passion are essential to moving an organization forward. At Global Excel, we live these words every day. We are a trusted partner for all our clients, and we focus on providing innovative solutions that favour simplicity and offer unparalleled service to our clients and to travellers.

We are aware that our success depends on continually offering superior products and excellent service to our customers. We know we need to prove our value every single day, and we are confident that our value proposition effectively defines our competitive advantage.

Trusted partnerships: Our clients rely on us, confident that we will execute expected actions with excellence.

Innovative solutions: Our products and services deliver new value to our customers.

Simplicity: We make it easy to do business with us.

Unparalleled service: We strive to exceed customer expectations in everything we do.

Our Expertise

At Global Excel, we have mastered the art of navigating North America’s complex health care systems.
Our expertise in this respect has made us a worldwide leader in the fields of medical assistance, claims management and cost containment services.

We firmly believe that sharing our knowledge of the U.S. health care system is an essential part of the value we can provide for our clients. In doing so, we are confident that we can help to empower them to make sound business decisions, thereby positioning them for success.

Our People

Global Excel currently employs close to 350 people in our office located in Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada). 
These employees have an average tenure of more than eight years, and all of them bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the work that they do.  

We firmly believe the success and growth of our company are linked to the dedication and expertise of these talented individuals. It is because of their professionalism, knowledge and dedication that our company can offer all of our clients a complete range of services, as well as a consistently superior customer experience.

Our Clients

Global Excel is a privately owned company that services a wide range of clients, including insurers, reinsurers, assistance providers, and third party administrators.
Through these types of clients, we provide services to travellers (leisure and corporate), expatriates, students, major medical / critical care patients and U.S. domestic clients (including private health care, worker’s compensation and occupational health).

Our clients come from many different countries and cultures, so we realize the importance of developing true business relationships with them. It’s why we view all of our business relationships from a long-term perspective, as opposed to seeing them as short-term profit centres. Our goal is always to better understand our clients’ needs and problems, so that we can help them to increase efficiency and improve their bottom lines.

About Us
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