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Global Excel is a worldwide premium medical cost containment company, providing services to a broad range of market segments. Our partners trust our expertise in controlling healthcare costs for the management of their claims dollars as well as our ability to provide a superior member experience.
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Our Innovative Products


Global Excel is proud to offer our diverse clients a wide range of innovative products designed to benefit our clients and their members. Our Medical Strategies are designed to navigate the Patient Journey from before the member seeks service and includes many different options to manage the claims and billing process.
An innovative solution that optimizes your outpatient expenses while providing your members with unique and personalized high quality medical care. That’s what StandbyMD is!
Expensive ER bills for minor ailments are often the result of seeking medical care in an unfamiliar country. Payers endure the burden of inflating healthcare costs while patients experience a low standard of care.

StandbyMD was designed to tackle these problems in a more efficient and worldwide approach than other solutions in the market.

StandbyMD is the only worldwide on-demand directional care program for outpatient services.

It is an innovative program that uses a unique risk management algorithm and only suggests the ER when it is medically necessary. Depending on the patient’s situation and needs, StandbyMD uses four levels of services to refer patients to the right level of care needed, improving the client journey and reducing potential costs.

To learn more about StandbyMD and how it can help enhance your members’ experience and make your approach more cost-efficient:


A part of cost containment that is often overlooked (but is absolutely essential) is bill editing.
At Global Excel, we make use of powerful software that is designed to identify billing errors.

This unique tool has helped us to identify opportunities for significant savings on inpatient, physician and outpatient bills. It all adds up and helps to generate greater savings for our clients.

X-Routing assigns a risk profile to each bill which is based on a number of different factors including but not limited to:

  • Comparison to different benchmarks (e.g. Medicare in the USA)
  • Drug, lab or implant components
  • Hospital acquired conditions
  • Legal issues
  • High Cost Acute Conditions
  • Experimental conditions
  • Coding errors

Claims Unit

For many years we’ve provided catastrophic claims services for both international and U.S. based domestic claims.
Global Excel’s comprehensive range of services allows us to address the unique needs of insurers, reinsurers, assistance companies and U.S.-based TPAs including some of the largest in the world. Our large claim management techniques have been honed and refined for over 20 years – they work and they work very well.

Global Excel works very closely with the insurer and if requested, the insured, to ensure peace of mind during the entire process. Claims of this nature can be extremely complex and our goal is to ensure transparency for all, from the beginning to the end. This includes the risk taker, any assistance company involved, possibly the insured and naturally the healthcare provider. Any financial arrangements made are locked in and completely signed off by the provider, with the insurer being in control at all times.

Our highly specialized Complex Claims Unit (CCU) team examines financial, legal and clinical issues surrounding each complex claim. The CCU is composed of certified coding experts, Registered Nurses and Physicians, in-house legal counsel and seasoned negotiators who examine challenging claims in round-table sessions to determine the optimal approach. Our CCU team then establishes fair market rates and negotiates a secured financial settlement with signed releases from the provider.

GEM Clinical™ and
GEM Clinical Xpress™

In the event that the client prefers to do case management themselves but on occasion would like additional support handling large cases in the United States, Global Excel offers GEM Clinical™ and GEM Clinical Xpress™.
This product is only available for inpatient cases in the United States.

Both GEM Clinical and GEM Clinical Xpress allow our clients to maintain all contact with the patient and retain all decision making power/approval with regards to services provided by U.S. facilities.

Global Excel gathers the necessary medical information and shares this with the client, along with our own medical recommendations pertaining to continued treatment, timeline and recommendations regarding fit-to-fly, alternative treatment options and (when applicable) cost-benefit analysis comparing optional care scenarios. Industry-approved care guidelines are relied upon to effectively oversee care and avoid overtreatment.


Global Excel’s directional tool provides clients with:

  • Unlimited access to the most current network provider listing in a user-friendly format;
  • The ability to quickly locate network physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and ancillary facilities;
  • The option to search for providers by address, name or automated quick search;
  • Accurate mapping and directions to specific provider addresses;
  • The option to download and print or email customized directories.

FairChexTM is an online healthcare consumer guide that ranks hospitals clinically and financially for elective procedures.
FairChex blends objective and comprehensive cost and quality data to ensure Plans, Payers and Patients are aware of the value of their provider choice.

The FairChex platform supports Medical Management, Advocacy Teams, Patients and Plans in determining choices available for inpatient and outpatient medical procedures. In addition to the actionable financial and clinical data provided by platform, Global Excel can secure a pre-negotiated reimbursement rate prior to care at the chosen facility with FairChex PLUS. FairChexTM PLUS incorporates medical management, benchmarks and sign-off to mitigate facility expenses.

Work At
Global Excel


The success and the growth of our company are directly linked to the dedication and expertise of the more than 600 employees who are part of our team. These talented individuals offer a complete range of services to more than 360 clients worldwide, consistently offering them a superior customer experience. Interested in joining our team? Visit our careers section to learn more about the career opportunities available at Global Excel.

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